Chanel scarf!

  1. Hi!!
    can someone tell me the code/name and price of this scarf?
    is there in other colour?
    if it is sold out..where i can see the other chanel scarves?
  2. I'm not sure about that style. NM has a few scarves.
  3. OMG i just saw that pic on PITNB and thought the same thing!
  4. ;)
  5. I'm BUMPing this thread to see if there is any info on this scarf!!!!!!!!!!
  6. BUMP.. please anyone?
  7. its gorgeous i want to know too!
  8. I saw this and wondered too...thank you for making this thread :smile:
  9. Okay so we all want it so there has to be someone who knows about it?!?! Perhaps!?

  10. nobody knows yet?
  11. Someone should take the picture to a Chanel SA or something (lol)
  12. NM at Beverly Hills had it about a month ago. It is the cashmere scarf, about a $1k I think. I tried it on and it's very nice.
  13. 1k for scarf? um....i will be fine w/LV's for now lol