Chanel satin or lambskin?

  1. I need your help! Over time, what will last longer/wear better, a satin evening bag or a lambskin one? A satin bag will snag easily but the lambskin one will scratch easily too. A SA told me that over time, the lambskin one will fade and be "gummy". I am trying to make a decision on what bag to buy and need your opinions! :confused1: Thanks!
  2. I think the satin is dressier. I have a satin one and it's held up fine, but I guess you have to consider how often you get that dressed up. I only use mine 4-5 times a year, usually for black tie events and weddings.
    I've had my lambskin for years and it doesn't feel "gummy" (?) at all, I have no idea what she's talking about. I use that one alot more, for dinners out and such. I think you have to remember that you tend to be a bit more cautious when you're carrying a Chanel anyways.
    To sum up, I would decide more on what type of outings you want it for then how they will hold up, as mine are both in great shape.
  3. you can always have the lambskin 'refurbish' at Chanel. Personally i'd go w/lambskin, but like aprilvalentine said, it depends on how often and where you will use it for:smile:
  4. Thanks for your opinions! I want to use it often when I go out in the evenings (like for date night) but this will also be the bag I use for formal occasions with a gown. Why can't I just get both bags?! ;) (Although my DH might have something to say about that!)

    BTW, what does Chanel do when they refurbish it?
  5. bumping up this thread....

    i'm thinking of getting a vintage lambskin bag. can chanel really refurbish lambskin bags?
  6. lambskin will lasts longer, but satin is more classy and dressier.

    i think it depends on your styling dress :p
  7. i prefer lambskin for sure.
  8. Lambskin is better and last longer.
  9. Lambskin
  10. Lambskin.
  11. :roflmfao:

    I also vote for lambskin :yes:
  12. chanellover, i was also have the same dilemma when going to purchase a flat clutch fro balenciaga.
    between the black satin or the leather.
    my logical mind said the leather, because the price is the same and i compare the price of teh leather with the satin.

    but... i did bought the satin, because i have enough of leather bags adn clutches. and i never regretted it.
    the satin is so classy and made me feel sexy ;)

    i think u should consider which u're going to wear the most and look at ur closet, which one u need.
  13. satin is sexyyyyyyyyy go for it!
  14. I'm not a fan of satin so I would definitely go for a lambskin (since I'm a fan of lambskin!) :biggrin:
  15. I would def. go for lambskin and just send it to Chanel for cleaning and fixing :smile: