Chanel Satin Flap Bag

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  1. Dear all..........


    I have seen this bag on ************** and thought it was gorgeous, although I haven't seen the real one yet.

    But then someday, I found this bag on a website. It has red colour and I noticed that the stitching is different from the picture above, and it seems that its material is leather, not satin.

    I wonder if the bag I saw is fake or is there any original one like that?

    Please kindly inform me..

    Thanks.. ;)
  2. i saw this today in a few colours at the sydney boutique :smile:
  3. hi..!! thanks for the information..

    well, i guess the chanel that i saw was a fake one.. :sweatdrop:

    anyway, what do you mean in jersey?

    sorry i am a newbie at this.. :sweatdrop:
  4. LOve this bag, gorgeous
  5. My friend has that exact satin Chanel flap. It's SUPER gorgeous IRL.
  6. In jersey. It's a fabric.