Chanel Satin Flap Bag F/W 2007-2008 collection

  1. I was on the Chanel website and omg theres a classic chanel flap bag there and its to die for. its gorgeous and its satin, im not a big fan of the calf skin ones but this one is beautiful.

    does anyone know the price of it? i hate calling the chanel lady at holt renfrew in my city, she wont let anyone get a word in and just assumes you know nothing about chanel.

    i hope someone has an answer
  2. heres a picture
  3. The astrakan flap? Not sure..
  4. It's not satin. It's mesh. I think price is around 1695.
  5. how come it says satin on the site? weird
  6. what city are you in mimi?

    i have heard it is a mesh as well.
  7. i live in canada, if you guys click on the image i uploaded it says satin. now im so confused, but yeah do you know if its out yet? and the price of it?
  8. I think it's two layer. The thin tissue like is more silk chiffon layer?
  9. its listed somewhere in this forum ...the price was around $1690ish USD and some people have seen this bag at the trunk shows and say that it is a mesh material.

    iluvchanel: it does look like chiffon doesn't it? i like this bag too, but too delicate for me.
  10. Yes, this is what I see only from the picture. It's a delicate bag but cute!!!!

  11. It has two layers. The top layer is mesh material. That mesh layer makes the bag looks cheap.