Chanel SAs

  1. I've been to a Chanel boutique at Saks, Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale's in NY and CT and noticed that ALL SAs are older women (well, older than me...I'm in my twenties). I'm not saying that's good or bad. Just an observation...

    Did you notice this, too? Or is it just me?
  2. At Neiman at San Jose, one of the Chanel SA was in her 20s.... or she just looks GREAT for her age =D
  3. Well, the SA's at Neiman's here in San Fran are very nice in general and they are all ages. I DO have one comment though and perhaps it's for another thread but here goes....there is one SA at Neiman's in SF that I just do NOT care for and for some reason (I think it's because once a while ago I bought a wallet from her simply because she was the only SA at the time in site) she is forever MY SA. She is THE coldest, blandest and snooty woman bordering on rude in my experience. Her name is Pauline and I THINK she's the manager of the Chanel boutique in the store....for the life of me I don't know why though. Now to be fair, it could be that this is just simply her personality. If it is, then I really feel sorry for her because she can not be a happy human being in her private life...

    I wish I could figure out how to be the customer of another SA without causing problems since I love going into the Chanel boutique in Neiman's (plus the prices of Chanel in the Neiman's store is a tad bit lower than at the Chanel store around the corner...belt I just bought today was $495.00 in Neimans vs. $520.00 at Chanel Store...not a big diff but still).

    Anyway, thanks for letting me blow of steam!
  4. The SA I deal with at the Chanel boutique here is pretty young. I'd say she's my age (23) or a couple of years older. She's very nice and super helpful :biggrin:
  5. My SA at the Chanel boutique in NM Fashion Island and in Palo Alto are pretty young, late twenties.
  6. i've noticed that at the NY boutique and at bloomies but i remember the one in Saks had a younger SA's as did the chanel boutique in short hills......not a big fan of the SA in the chanel in neiman at short hills tho :huh:
  7. I think you should ask her if she is having a bad day/month/year because everytime you see her, she seems bitter. Ask her if someone else who is having a better day can help you. :amuse: It makes her feel stupid for being mean and she can't say anything to you because technically, you were nice about it. It's what I do. :biggrin:
  8. the SA's here in Amsterdam boutique are in thier ealry 30s,i must said they are all very helpfull and nice especialy the male SA's
  9. From my experience, the SA's at the actual Chanel boutique are older (40's-50's), but the ones in the Neiman's Chanel boutique are younger (20's-30's).
  10. The Chanel SA I dealt with recently in the Saks in Cinci was very nice and in her 30's.
  11. :blink: I think I know who you are talking about! Is she the one that is always standing guard at the Chanel counter? I was there last week and was asking her some questions about the reissues and she was so rude!! Then she went to the back and brought out a completely different bag and proclaimed that it was my lucky day and that she is doing me a favor by letting me buy it :hrmm:.
  12. The Chanel SA in NM where i live is in her 30s. And the Chanel SA in the boutique are in her 50s. They don't seem very friendly.
    However, i do like the Chanel SAs in Southcoastplaza in SoCal. They are super nice and helpful. In their 30s, i'd say.
  13. She's the one that had the cast on her foot and probably the very one you are talking about! She does not work in the regular handbag area...just Chanel. Do you know if they work on commission?

    Gals, if you have the time, here's what happened....let me know what you think.

    I had been in the store and saw a small black re-issue on the shelf. Liked it, went home, thought about it and decided to buy it. So, I called Neiman's and they connected me to the boutique and I got the answering machine with this Pauline's voice on it and I left a message. She called me back and said she'd hold the bag in the back for me. So, I went in the following day...Pauline was NOT there but a lovely woman by the name of Kumi helped me. I wound up buying the re-issue AND a small Caviar wallet. Kumi was GREAT! Ok. A week later I decide that the re-issue is too small and remembered that there was a grey medium on hold for someone else and called KUMI to ask her if it could be released because if so, I'd buy it and that I was interested in a belt as well. She called me back about 10 minutes later saying that she asked if the bag could be sold (it could) and told me she had plenty of belts to show me.

    I went in the NEXT day, asked for KUMI and completed the transaction. Exchanged the small re-issue for the medium and put my order in for the belt I wanted in my size. The NEXT thing I know, this Pauline comes out of nowhere and says that I'm her customer because I had initially called her about holding the small re-issue and that she was the one who released the medium grey to me (Kumi probably asked her if she would sell the bag being held to me and Pauline said yes). So they voided out my whole transaction and re-did it (I'm assuming so that Pauline could put her sales ID number on the receipt....) and then Pauline says that she'll search for my belt and call me when it comes in.

    Whats up with all that???? I was in total confusion and pretty pissed off that Kumi had done all the work but this Pauline gets all the credit. Maybe they don't work on commission at Neiman's, I don't know. I only know it didn't feel fair at all and I'm hoping I don't have to deal with Pauline again.

    Rude? That would be the kind thing to call it....
  14. i was in the bloomies in saks and they are old and not so nice!
  15. Pauline is the chanel boutique specialist and she is the coldest ever SA I have ever met. Yes, she is at SF NEiman Chanel. last time I went there, and she is the only available SA there . So I asked to see a bag which is not displayed. She even didn't care for getting the look book even though she said she has it in stock room. Then I was mad and just said: No bother. I will find a better SA ti help me. I went for lunch and waited for my SA Mia back. I don't think she can be a good sales at all.