Chanel sandals!

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    stop advertising your blog!

  2. Here you go, finally some time to post these pics:
    Orange Chanel Sandals 2.jpg Orange Sandals Tag.jpg
  3. Nice!! How do they fit?
  4. They are so cute!!!
  5. looks great on you! now i want one so bad...:p

  6. If you go 1/2 size up the the fit is perfect. Very comfortable for a thong and very light.
    Thanks, Tiffanymich.
    Thanks, kristinlorraine! Totally worth the effort to locate a pair. I see from your avatar-you are e Hermes addict - I just bought yesterday my first Hermes red bracelet KDT and was reading Hermes threads for hours. It was very entertainig and new territory for me.
    I like your blue/orange clic-clac combo a lot!;)
  7. Thanks Martini! congrats on your new KDT and welcome to the Hermes world. :graucho: btw, red is a very nice color. do you happen to post an action pic on Hermes thread? i would like to see some eye candy to drool at.:drool: lol!
  8. Can you PM me your BG shoe SA contact info?:smile: I would like to see if any of these are still available.
    Thank you!
  9. it's great for summer!!!
  10. The retail was $260 when I got the currency exchanged from euros to cdn money
  11. I love the thong sandals! Was just looking through the celebrity pix & saw that Ashley Tisdale has a pair of black & white ones......:love::love::love: