Chanel Samples???

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  1. Hi guys,

    So I have just received this used boy Chanel bag I bought thru eBay. I had the bag authenticated at authenticate4U using the pictures the seller posted. However, when I received the bag, there's this tag inside the bag saying "SAMPLE" on it?!?!?!? I am really confused with what that means as I have never seen anything like it. PLEASE let me know if this bag is still authentic and worth keeping! Thanks so much!!!!!

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  2. I saw some others on E-bay with the sample tag. I couldn't get a good answer and didn't purchase. Did they disclose in the auction it was this way?
  3. Just the words "not for resale' make me wonder why it's on EBay.
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  4. The seller didnt actually post a picture showing the giant sample tag inside the bag but seller did have the caption saying its a sample bag. I didnt think much of it at the time assuming it was just like every other bag. The evaluation form from authenticate4U did mention the following: "We would like to point out that this item is a SAMPLE bag, and as such is stamped as ‘NOT FOR RESALE’. We cannot confirm whether CHANEL will honour any Warranty on this item, nor undertake any Spa/Repair Service, and we would suggest that you contact CHANEL directly in order to ascertain the position in this respect." But it also said the bag was authentic so I'm not sure. I mean I really just have never seen Chanel having samples. :confused1:

  5. i know!!
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  6. When I checked last time I was told that Chanel has an "employee sale" and that these bags don't come with authenticity cards but could never verify if this was in fact true. The Classic flap bags had it stamped into the leather in the zippered compartment. Was it like half price? Can you send it back?
  7. Those bags are used for shows, trunk shows , runway..etc . Seller should of course disclose the fact.
  8. +1

    "sample" bags are authentic and made by the company, and some do come with authenticity cards. they are used for photo shoots, runway shows, reviews, store displays and photo ops, etc. and are not intended for market or sale. they are usually gifted free to a person or company, which is why they might say "not for resale." i have seen sellers trying to sell these bags for ridiculous prices, and they got the bag free in most cases. the person should have mentioned this fact to you because it might impact quality and will impact resale. i have always wondered if "sample" bags don't equal the same quality standard because the company knows that particular bag is not going to market.
  9. first of all, I think it is a gorgeous boy.
    I would keep it if only judge from the bag. but depends on how much you pay for it. is it close to retail? and how much you want this bag.
  10. I would return it as it does affect the value of the bag and of course the seller should have posted the giant sample tag in his listing. To me its unacceptable as its an deceiving act. The word not for resale is a warning sign for me. I am not sure if chanel would ever service it as a4u mentioned.
  11. I wouldn't buy.
  12. I will return it because I'm afraid I may have a hard time selling it if I have to.
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  13. I would return it. Although the boy is very pretty... It's not fair to pay a price for a "sample"!!!!
  14. Notice the quilting is very flat? I wonder if its true as some posters earlier mentioned that the quality may not be up to par with the one for retail sale?
  15. Wow I had no idea Chanel did 'samples' like this!