Chanel Sales?

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  1. Does anyone know when Chanel usually has their sales? I remember stumbling into a Chanel boutique early July and seeing many bags and jewelry on sale and when I came back a month later, most of the sale items were gone with just a few shoes left. I'd just like to get to a sale right when it starts so I can have a nice broad selection to choose from. :P
  2. do they have sales in asian countries?
  3. I thought I read that their sales are in June/July and then Dec/jan. Not sure about asian countries.
  4. I believe SG's Chanel boutique does go on sale, mostly with accessories and some shoes. There were a couple of bags from the cruise collection I think, but nothing really caught my eye...
  5. they have sales but not of all, and mostly on clothes and shoes and seasonal accesories, not only at chanel boutiques, but also some department stuff were i know is better to get good deals, recently nordstrom or Neiman Marcus in US had a sale few months back, cambons and perforated line bag, it was worth it, i think their times are like when seasons are over, or dpends on the store.
  6. Oh yeah, that's right! I remember walking into NM and seeing the reporter bag on sale with an additional 10 or 25% off. I was thinking, "what a good deal!" Unfortunately, I didn't like that style of bag.
  7. what about summer sale and winter sale in Paris ???

    Do u think classic colletion will be on sale too ???

    If anyone know about winter sale and summer sale in Paris PLS tell me
  8. hi!!

    LOTS of threads on this very topic in our wonderful Chanel Shopping Forum.
    Please do a search:yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.