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  1. Hi. As you can see i'm new. I thought i would start with this topic. It has been in my head for quite some time. Can someone tell me about the end of season sales that Chanel offers? What goes on sale? What kind of discounts are offered? When i see "Sale" on the window, I'm tempted to go in and check it out but in the end I don't want to because I don't want to leave the store without buying's embarassing. So i thought i would ask here.
  2. I saw a few bags on sale at Chanel, looked like mostly spring stuff, but OLD. I'll get more info tomorrow when I'm at the mall picking up my new saddle :biggrin:
  3. thanks. tell me what you find. i wonder if Chanel wallets go on sale. they're about $500 a piece i believe...i wish it wasn't so much. i mean, i could walk into Chanel and buy a bag for $1000 but i usually only want to pay a couple hundred...NOTHING in Chanel is less than $300.
  4. The overnight bag is like $2350 or something, was going to buy it but its MUCH too big for everyday use :lol: The middle pink bag is around $1300 or so, I think, if thats the same one I saw a month ago. Not too expensive, for a piece in the cambon line.

    The only thing I dont like about the cambon line is that it looks terrible once it gets scratched :sad: Even some of the ones at the store looked like they were showing wear already. That really deters me from buying bags, when the display models don't hold up. I know 3984398439 people touch them, but still :lol:
  5. what about the wallets?

  6. I do not have any of this line, just the classic Chanel bags in a few colors and three tweed, but I had thought about getting a bag from the cambon line but I never thought about the scratching- I dont think I will consider one now.
  7. I wish Chanel bags and wallets would be offered online.
  8. What can you buy in Chanel for under $400?????
  9. The cambon wallets are made from the same material so I'm assuming they'd do the same, however the investment is substantially less so I'd be more inclined to get one of those rather than a bag. A $500 loss would hurt less than a $3000+ loss :nuts: I don't mind spending that kind of money on a bag, but if its going to look like **** in 3 months or thanks!
  10. Are there any cambon cosmetic pouches?

  11. I hope this is not offensive but if you are looking to buy something for under $400 Chanel is not the place, they are one of the most luxurious brands known, they are not cheap by any means. Sure you could probably find something at the Chanel store for this price- maybe a coin bag or something small. All of my Chanel wallets are around $500+ and my bags cost way more than that. If you are trying to stick to a budget Chanel may not be the place to look. However most of their earrings are priced under $400.
  12. Yes, I'm well aware that Chanel is one of the most expensive designers out there. I know there isn't much to buy but i'm just wondering how much $400 gets you. How much do the CC logo necklaces cost?

  13. I have several of the CC necklaces and with tax the smallest simplest one was I believe about $300 something like that. As they get bigger or more detailed the price goes up. Earrings with CC's in rhinstone are I think $235.
  14. that's pretty inexpensive. i usually wear only simple jewelry so that's fine. but i would look dumb buying the least expensive items.
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