Chanel sale

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  1. So i was at Neiman Marcus in atl yesterday and the chanel SA told me that chanel has sale sometime in december. Can u please tell me if thats true?
  2. I was just thinking about when their sale starts too I think it is in December.
  3. I think that in the past Chanel-NM had also sales in November. They are going to have the Neiman Marcus INCIRCLE with gift card this month. Not sure if it applies to Chanel as some exclusions apply.
  4. Do Chanel sales occur in December at their boutiques or other locations in other department stores?
  5. NM does mark down bags between Nov-Dec for certain "fashion" bags, as they call it. Permanent collection will not be marked down. For my experience, Chanel boutiques rarely mark down bags, but I've seen them mark down lots and lots of RTW!
  6. I seem to recall that the NM-Chanel sale was in late November, but that time of the year has such great sales that I may be wrong. :blush:

    I've not been really impressed with the sales bags in the past. Classics NEVER go on sale! :shucks:
  7. My chanel store SA said they have a holiday sale before Christmas. And no the flaps don't go on sale. It's mostly clothes and shoes. My SA is going to try to reserve ballet flats for me if she sees my size :smile:
  8. my SA says its only RTW and the shoes
  9. Hi!
    This is asked pretty often in our Chanel Shopping forum, please search there :tup:

    I will say that typically, seasonal items that are not as popular or are unsold will go on sale in June and December.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.