Chanel sale?

  1. I heard that the cambon pouchettes were on sale because they are being discontinued.
    I'm in canada and was wondering if that sale applies to here as well?
    They were going for half off?
    Someone fill me in!
    I was just thinking about buying one and then I read someone saying that they were on sale.
  2. Depends on teh color.
    I grilled my SA about it yesterday and she maintains that the only ones still in production are the monocromatic ones w/ patent CCs.
    If you see one in black w/ white, a pink one w/ black. . . those are usually on sale.
  3. Ugh. I have the cambon flats and really want a matching bag.
    I think I'm going to call Chanel right now.
  4. I'm in Canada too, so let me know what they say. I can't imagine there being a sale till Christmas though and the SA never really know exactly what will be marked down till then.

    Or do they? Keep me informed, please! :smile:

    (I also have the Cambon flats, mine are black with black... )
  5. Do Chanel's go on sale Christmas time? I'm going to Chanel on boxing day!
    Well well...

    I called and pink and beige are all gone and black with white CC's and black with black CCs are still available at full price...and will most likely be discontinued sometime soon.
  6. Black w/ white CC are already out of production as far as I know.
    Black on black and beige on beige have not been discontinued yet.

    VERY FEW things by Chanel go on sale. Get a good rapport w/ an SA and they'll call you as soon as they know something.
  7. Amanda,
    Are you saying that the large black Cambon Tote with the white CC logo is out of production? I just started purchasing Chanel the first of this year and the Cambon was my first purchase. I am asking so that I will be able to understand how Chanel works with things like this, and so I will know which of my bags will be more valuable later on.
  8. The girl at the Chanel store said that the black with white is still being made?
  9. Black with white CC's cambon is not out of production as far as I was told by Chanel, neither is the black on black. The pink with black and the beige with black will be out of production as far as I was told at Chanel., I don't know about the white with black cc's.
  10. I've also been told the black w/ white is being discontinued.
  11. She's right....
  12. NM is not carrying them right now. They are definitely not in the buy this year. Maybe in a few years they will carry them again...the only ones left are the small pochettes...
  13. There is this large tote at my NM: