Chanel sale season in France...

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  1. Hi ladies/gents:

    Anyone has any idea when the sale seasons are in France? My mom and I are planning a trip :smile:

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I would love to know as well. Travelling to France in may.
  3. January and June. Sale seasons are, believe it or not, prescribed by law in France. The winter sale this year started on 7 Jan 2009.
  4. Thanks Miffy!!! Can you please let me know when in June? I don't think we will be there for long...probably just for a long weekend and it would suck big time if we are there JUST BEFORE the sale:smile:
  5. We won't know until we're near the time...!
  6. Serious! jan n jun, i wanna plan my trip to france to buy chanel too! Thanks for the info babe! :smile:

    Oh yes, do they change their sale every time or this is pretty fixed forever?
  7. I think the months are more or less the same but the exact date may differ.

    BTW, the Chanel sale in France is not as exciting as that in the US. Most bags are not on sale. Shoes and RTWs are but it was only 30% when I was in Paris over the summer last year. RTWs from one season ago would be 50%. Now with the credit crunch whether the discount will be bigger, I don't know. I will try to find out and let you all know! :lol:
  8. Hello,

    I am French and I was in Paris last week. I went to Chanel Cambon and department stores Chanel boutiques. The sales are not exciting at all...Only clothes at 30 % discount, some small accessories at 30% too. The only interesting things are the shoes which are discounted 50%.
    So, you will enjoy your trip in Paris, but this is not the place to make the Chanel sales !!
  9. ^ Please post your authenticity questions in the Authenticate This Chanel thread at the top of this forum.