Chanel Sale! Post your finds here!

  1. Good evening all!

    I wanted to create a thread where we could post our Chanel Sale finds. Also thought it would be a good place to post what we have seen where! I bought two pairs of shoes on pre-Sale at Saks. I don’t have pictures yet of my purchase but will post them when I do get them!
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  2. IMG_1512612552.894611.jpg
    Bergdorf Goodman
    Chanel on 57th
    The jacket is being altered but the boots should arrive tomorrow!
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  3. Love the jacket AND the BELT !
    BTW, does anyone know what Chanel jewelry are included in this winter sale?
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  4. There were some pics on one of the Chanel sale threads... I don’t remember which one - maybe look at your unread threads?
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  5. I got a scarf and waiting on my shoes to arrive.
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  6. Can’t wait to see pictures! I am waiting for my shoes as well!!
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  7. I got 1 shoes, 2 brooch, 1 necklace 1 earrings and trying to get one more brooch.
  8. Congrats! What brooches did you decide on? I am thinking about one but not 100% decided yet :smile:
  9. Just got this on sale velvet espadrilles today . Waiting to be ship to me . :loveeyes::yahoo:

  10. Nicee! Where did you score it?
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  11. Cannot wait to see the pics!
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  12. Got these cool hi top kicks!
  13. Does the sale include the pearl espadrilles?