Chanel sale items

  1. Sale update from Chanel Saks in New Orleans

    I went to Chanel yesterday and this is what they had on sale 30% off

    three or four of the large padded envelope bags in black
    red ponhair flap
    two large messenger style bags (looked like it may be from the sports ligne?)
    3 large hinge enamel bracelets

    What's really sad is I walked in and told the Chanel specialist some items that I knew were on sale but she didn't have in the sale section. She says 'its a little sad for both of us that you know more of what's on sale than me'

    If you're interested in any of those bags please call Rhoda at 504-524-2200 ext 5355 and please tell her Jeanne (pronounced Jaahn) her fave redhead sent you!

    Also yesterday Damian emailed me a cloudy tote-I want to say it's like $1200 something
    here's a pic


    your friendly neighborhood enabler
  2. thanks for the post!
  3. Stop it, you enabler, you! LOL!:biggrin:
  4. But it's what I do best!!!
  5. just called, the envelope bag is gone :sad:
  6. Wow-they had three last night! Did you speak to Rhoda? Her and Margo stuck some in the closet in the chanel boutique last night.
  7. Love the cloudy tote. If only I lived in the US!
  8. JUST spoke to Rhoda-she DOES have access to THREE more padded envelope bags
    ext 5355
  9. I ordered one in grey a few minutes ago. i know see had at least one black left.

  10. do you mind if I ask you how much you got it for? thanks.
  11. Padded Envelope
    Was $2250
    Sale $1479

  12. wow!!! really good deal. :nuts:
  13. Just spoke with Rhoda! I got the black one!!!! Thanks everyone for the GREAT info! :yahoo::yahoo:
  14. Congrats girls!
  15. Okay....seriously on a ban right now! :banned: Two Chanels in 1 week is a little too much for my weak heart (not to mention bank account). You girls are such enablers!!!!