Chanel sale items

Jun 20, 2007
Metairie, New Orleans
Sale update from Chanel Saks in New Orleans

I went to Chanel yesterday and this is what they had on sale 30% off

three or four of the large padded envelope bags in black
red ponhair flap
two large messenger style bags (looked like it may be from the sports ligne?)
3 large hinge enamel bracelets

What's really sad is I walked in and told the Chanel specialist some items that I knew were on sale but she didn't have in the sale section. She says 'its a little sad for both of us that you know more of what's on sale than me'

If you're interested in any of those bags please call Rhoda at 504-524-2200 ext 5355 and please tell her Jeanne (pronounced Jaahn) her fave redhead sent you!

Also yesterday Damian emailed me a cloudy tote-I want to say it's like $1200 something
here's a pic

your friendly neighborhood enabler


Oct 15, 2007
Okay....seriously on a ban right now! :banned: Two Chanels in 1 week is a little too much for my weak heart (not to mention bank account). You girls are such enablers!!!!