Chanel Sale Items ~ PICS inside

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  1. Here are two items of interest. Call Rossi at NM, (800) 397-5293, ext. 2120.

    SALE belt. Orig. 895, now $447. Size Medium. (90)
    40" measure end to end. This one only.


    Wallet - new.
    Zip around black.
    5" by 8". $995.
    Very limited quantity.

  2. thanks for the heads up.
  3. The sale price of the wallet is $995?
  4. wallet is very pretty but not the price
  5. thanks for posting them~~
  6. Nice wallet. is it on sale?
  7. I'm not sure that is a sale price for the wallet. I can clarify that later today.
  8. I love the wallet, It has lots of card slots & it zips, which I need. Will be interesting tosee what the sale price is now.
  9. would like to know if $995 is the sale price of wallet as well..
  10. I just called Rossi and the wallet is regular price.
  11. ^^ wah! I was looking for a nice wallet.
  12. I wish that wallet was on sale! I'm in the market for a new one and that one is :drool:
    Thanks for the headsup freetoes!
  13. :cry::cry:
  14. The wallet is gorgeous and has tons of room...but the price is :wtf:!
  15. I agree ~ you could almost get a Chanel clutch.

    BUT, I must say their wallets are to die for. (I had one and returned it.) The leather was amazing.

    UPDATE: Chanel belt has been sold.