Chanel sale in Sydney and Melbourne

  1. 30th of June to 15th of July..
  2. Oh wow, really?? Is it a store-wide discount or select items only? Do you know how much of a discount is on their Classic Flap bags?
  3. I haven't been there yet, but i guess it would be only for selected items of shoes, jewellery, wallets, bags, sunnies. Somehow i really doubt that the classics are on sale.....they never are on sale.
  4. You're right about the classics.. was getting my hopes up, lol. Still, I reckon I wouldn't mind having a look see next Sat;) Thanks for posting this, allbrandpls!
  5. no worries mate
  6. OH my!!

    thank god. i was going to get a pair of earrings last week from the sydney store and didn't. Now i'll go tomorrow and see if its on sale!!

  7. I went to Sydney Chanel store yesterday.

    They had quite a number of shoes 30% off, clothing 30-50% off, MULTI HEART LOGOS CLASSIC BAG w/ FLAP 30% off
  8. This sounds a bit promising. I'll have to go and check it out tomorrow morning. Thanks for posting the update :yes:
  9. Awww not fair. I wish we had Chanel in Perth :sad:. Hope you guys grab some great bargains.
  10. what did you girls get???i might go to check it out tomorrow~!!
  11. I went today again, Sydney store still had the multi hearts flap in small and medium 30% off and other bags i didn't really notice, the jewellery aint worth looking at....nothing appealing, Shoes only limited sizes and styles
  12. im pretty new to chanel.. what are the classics? im planning to get a wallet, the one with the cambon logo and quilt stitch? is this a classic?
  13. Hi yun7788 welcome

    I was referring to the classic flap bag. The cambon are a different style. I don't think the cambon wallets are on sale. But they are still a lovely choice.
  14. hi! yes they are. i have been looking all over for them even on ebay. which actually made things worse because most of them are fakes (on ebay) and i heard teh cambon line has died. im wondering whether they are still cambon products in the melbourne boutique?
  15. oh and do you know the price for the cambon long wallet?