Chanel Sale in London!!!

  1. Ladies

    I have received an invite to the Chanel Spring/Summer sale in the London boutiques so I thought I'd share the good news!

    The sale starts 30 June and runs until 15th July!

    Its strange as I did not get a Prada pre sale invite or anything this year when I normally do, and I normally do not get a Chanel one, but I have now? Its soo weird, how do these designer brands work? How do they decided who to send to?

    Unfortunately I will not be going to the Chanel for the sale this time, I am holding out for the Autumn/Winter collection.

    Have fun in Chanel for me ladies!
  2. sdfghjkl; the english have it all lol. just one more year..
  3. Thanks for the info
  4. I will be in London next week on my way home! Do you know what will be on sale or how much the discount will be?
  5. I got one too. I think they just send one to everyone one their mailing list!