Chanel sale in Hong Kong

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  1. Just a little report in case you/your friends are in HK.

    The items on sale (the SA calls it promptions) is only 30% off.

    Quite a number of shoes on sales, like the cruise pink/beige ballet shoes, light green/white ballet shoes, some sandals. I'd love to buy the ballets but they run out of size (i'm 38.5, but they got quite a lot of 36 or 37)

    for bag, some bags from the S/S and cruise collections, eg, there's a navy/silver tweed classic flap bag, discounted from $14200 to $9900. i'll take a look again tomorrow.

    just wanna share with you a great news, my new beige caviar classic flap with silver chains has just arrived (a long story, i'll tell u all later) and i'll go and get it tomorrow. :biggrin:
  2. Hi BillBill!
    My grandparents will go for a holiday to China next August, do you think they may find Chanel sales? Do you think there are Chanel stores in China?
    Also, I live in Italy and finally I have a Chanel store not 1 million kms far from me, it opened just few weeks ago in Venice but I haven't time to go there.
    Do you think sales will take place also in Italy?
    Sorry for all these questions but I read about sales in USA and Canada and just wonder if it's only for those countries or not... thanksss!:love: