Chanel sale in Hong Kong - Dec 7

  1. great news to all of you if u live in HK or will visit HK..
    i called my SA to inquire about the ballet flats, said i need 38.5. she asked if 38 fits since there'll be one on sale on FRI.. I simply said "keep it for me first":yahoo:
    for bags, only 3 styles will be on sale now 30% off
    - 8 knots
    - pocket in the city
    - large tote (not leather, with black and red coco pattern). around HK$11000.

    i cannot find a pic for the tote, but it's quite a casual one and i asked my SA to keep for me also...

    so take a look if you have chance la.. sale in HK is less generous than in US :tdown:
  2. Billbill, thanks for posting the info!!! I live in HK as well but sadly, don't have a regular SA! I'm so glad to get the news from you!
  3. hi emmyemmy
    kumiko in DFS galleria is my SA, she's so helpful and nice..
    you can also ask for Jacky in peninsula shop..
    tell her it's Ms Law and she'll know.. cause i always ask for flaps other than black and beige.. :p
  4. May i ask if Chanel prices in HK store and DFS store are the same or different? Is the DFS one cheaper than the regular Chanel boutique? I thought all things in HK are tax free already.

  5. Will all the shops have sales? How about any more bags that are on sale?
  6. Billbill!!! Thank you so much!:yahoo: Such a nice lady you are!!! :tup:
  7. Thanks for sharing!!
  8. I went to Chanel boutique at Lee Garden yesterday and I bought 2 bags there (8 knots and pocket in the city). Thanks for your information..
  9. Do you know if any of the clothes are on sale too?
  10. how much are the ballet flats after discount, if u don't mind?
  11. I've bought the two tone platform shoe at the Prince's building. There are some clothes on sale but not very attractive because they are quite dressy and formal evening wear.
  12. Dressy? Formal evening wear? :drool:

    Am off to Admiralty this evening. So maybe I should check out the one at PP.
  13. OH!!! Would that be the grey and black color ones? They are not available at Lee Garden, I thought they were all gone!!! Lucky you!!!
  14. i visited my SA at DFS yesterday but i ended up buying nothing. the ballet flats is black with black lizard cap, HK$3100 after discount from HK$4500, it's too small for me...:crybaby:
    for the tote, it's too large for me though HK$7900 after discount, it's displayed in the shop at canton road also.
    i saw 2 8 knots, the small one is olive and big one is black. the handle is too small for me..
    my SA said there may be second markdown and more items will be included, and she'll keep me informed, so sweet..
    fingers crossed since i'm looking fwd to get a outdoor ligne doctor bag at discount (though i betrayed chanel and got a miu miu yesterday..)
  15. It's in black and dark brown patent leather, all platform (kind of like a wedge shoe). Yes, I am so lucky because the SA at Prince's Building said this is the last pair and it's a size 36. After marked down the price is HK$4,100.