CHANEL sale in Canada

  1. Anybody knows if there'll be any sale in Canada?
    Especially in Montreal or Toronto?

    Thanks a lot!!:heart:
  2. Lol I came in here thinking you were gonna tell me.

    I doubt there's any sales though.
  3. 30% on Boxing Day and not before! Not fair. :tdown:
  4. do you know what will goes onsale on boxing day? tia.
  5. Thanks for the valuable info, Jayne. :yahoo:
    It's better than nothing, anyways...
    Just wondering if they'll have all the bags on sale? Or just some of the weird color/shape ones...
    Classic flaps (Medium, black, caviar) are never on sale, right?

  6. Only the seasonal bags and odd colour bags. Classics never go on sale ... but maybe if they are in an unusual colour, they might. It's always worth a look. If I can't find a bag, I might buy some jewellery or a belt that is on sale. Those are 30% off but not everything goes on sale.
  7. oooooh!! I can't wait till boxing day!

    does anyone know what time bloor is open till?
  8. Thanks for the reply. :p

    BTW, just missed the 25% sale at Holt's today... :throwup:

  9. Oh, I went... but it was a stupid sale and I didn't buy anything. I thought I might buy gloves, but I didn't like anything.

    A lot of the good stuff was already 40% off and this 25% only applied to older Fall items that never went on sale at all. Chanel and the other rented out boutiques did not go on sale, of course, because they wait till Boxing day.

    In other words, not much was on sale for 25%... which is not a sale worth bothering about anyway.
  10. Hey Jayne1, has sunglasses ever gone on sale?
  11. Have to check out the Holt's on boxing day!! :p
    OMG, I'll running all over the places on boxing day... :sweatdrop:

  12. OH I wish I would be in Toronto or Montreal or anywhere there's a Chanel sad that I'll miss the sale AGAIN...:push:
  13. TBH, the better sale is in January... the "now or never sale"
    the prices are better than on boxing day...
    if you subscribe to their emails, they'll notify you before the sale starts... if i remember correctly, it starts towards the end of January.
  14. ^Thanks for sharing!
  15. I went to Chanel at Holt Vancouver yesterday. The SA showed me which bags are going to be on sale on boxing day and later. They're all ... well, let's just say I wouldn't buy them. The sale period will be from Dec 26 to Jan 12, by the way. I believe the sale period for other Chanel stores in Canada should be the same.

    The actual sale at Chanel at Holt Vancouver started yesterday (no idea about other Chanel stores). Only the shoes are on sale now though. In the card that my SA sent me says that shoes and accessories wil be on sale. But when I dropped by yesterday, she told me that by accessories, they only mean the bags. Jewelly will not be on sale. I was really hoping that some jewelly would be on sale as I want a pearl necklace so bad. :crybaby: