Chanel sale in CANADA??

  1. Will we be so lucky as to have a sale come our way, too? I'm hearing of all these sales left right and centre!!

    I'm not a regular customer so hopefully those of you who are would have the inside scoop? :smile:
  2. Boxing day sales. Not usually before.
  3. Holt renfrew is having their sale right now.

    Not Chanel??
  4. I don't think Chanel is included in the designer sale.
  5. what is usually on sale during the boxing day's sale? I have never been to the one at chanel before.
  6. The SAs don't even know... not until a few days before. The sales never include the classic, timeless items of course. Just seasonal and not always that. I once wanted a wool winter, runway hat and it didn't go on sale.
  7. I stopped by Holts this afternoon, nothing is on sale yet.
  8. I talked with my SA today and the sale starts on the 26th or 27th (wow I've got a bad memory!) As for accessories she wasn't sure what would be on sale, but usually the seasonal shoes go 30% and some shoes are a dicounted a bit more. The clothes go 30 - 50% off. 50% is usually stuff from the sale the year before that they didn't sell. I am going to the store in a few weeks and she said if she knows more by then she'll tell me so I'll update then!
  9. want to get some earrings
  10. anyone know what they are going to have on sale?
  11. Just seasonal stuff, never classics.