Chanel Sale from Neiman Marcus

  1. my SA just emailed me about NM delaying their Chanel sale to Monday 5/31 too...
  2. I heard the east-west collection will be on the sale list.
  3. Thanks Ladies for all the info. I have not heard anything from my SAs yet. I will post as soon as I know anything. Although it looks like this time, there's not much left in inventory for any good sale.... let's see.
  4. Looks like we're all getting conflicting information. My friend went to the NM @ willow bend today and she said the presale was going on and they had E-W collection was part of the sale.
  5. Yep, I just called Willow Bend. All E/W sale bags are gone. In fact, all Chanel bags are gone:pout:
  6. asked for Chanel handbag and the SA picked up "Chanel don't go on sale, occassionally the cosmetics are included in the Beauty sales" $)&*$^ :rolleyes:
  7. Wow... don't they train these people?! Also, cosmetics rarely go on sale! Unless they do some sort of promo where you buy over a certain amount and get a certain sample set for free?!
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    Could anyone confirm it's true that all the E/W sale bags are gone at NM? :crybaby:
  9. I can confirm that all E/W are gone from willow bend. You might want to check your local Neimans
  10. I was so surprised. Just left there.
  11. I called NM in Palo Alto... they had presale this morning at 10am for Chanel bags... over 30 bags were on sale including the E/W... all bags were gone by now... T_T

    However, NM in San Francisco is doing the markdown on Chanel bag next Tuesday...
  12. This sale is going crazy with such low inventory...
  13. I was there when they opened the doors this morning but didn't get anything. They opened the side doors last so by the time I got inside most of the ladies that stood at the other door already snapped up the bags inside the little closet. There wasn't much on sale and nothing I wanted. Don't think y'all missed out on much!
  14. omg.. that is intense sale!
  15. OMG! That is crazy. I just called one of my SA and he swears no one know which bag will go on sale and that he will only know on Monday....