Chanel Sale - By invitation only? Even for current season bag?

  1. Okay I browse through the internet and found this:

    Aim: Current season bags for $100, gowns $200...need we say more?
    How: This sale is so exclusive that many editors aren't invited and, frankly, you probably won't be allowed in, but if you know someone in the industry, getting on this list is worth calling in favors.

    Do you know if this really happen and where does it happen???
  2. My call is in to Karl...just waiting on him to ring me back. :p
  3. ^^^lol!
  4. no, that's not legit:nogood:
  5. I have heard of sample sales including pieces they used for PRESS too. Maybe?
  6. there are sales around new york where you can score! my friend works at Saks and their employee sample sales at 530 am before work are ridiculous. She scored gucci boots for about 150 usd and some juicy hoodies for next to nothing-sometimes in her division they get some stuff gratis if its in the current catalog.
  7. sounds amazing... could it be true?
  8. i dont think so...
  9. I believe OP has posted a quote from New York Magazine. The sale is apparently legit but just impossible to get into -- of course maybe this is just an urban legend! I guess I can still dream of someday being invited....
  10. I would love to befriend someone who can hook me up with some hefty discounts to a J12! :nuts::nuts::nuts:
  11. ^ yap it's from NY Magazine. *DREAM*
  12. I'm still skeptical.
  13. im skeptical too. i mean isnt chanel known for its expensive prices?--its what makes it exclusive.
  14. I've heard about those exclusive New York sales too. Open to insiders who could probably afford to pay retail... you have to be someone very special to get the invite.
  15. Could it just be an employee only sale. I've heard that Chanel have sales where staff can pick up pieces for up to 70% off.