Chanel Sale at Nordstrom

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  1. These are on sale at the Nordstrom Downtown Portland!
    Please contact the SA
    Esther Kim
    503.224.6666 x1390

    A37056 Cruise 08 Melrose Fabric Tote / Brushed Gold Fabric / Was $1595, Now $638
    A36916 Cruise 08 LAX Zip Shoulder Bag / Black Calfskin / Was $2650, Now $1060
    A36548 Fall 07 Polar Bag / Black Orylag Fur & Black Lambskin / Was 3295, Now $1309.90
    A15825 Beige Sport Tote / Beige Nylon / Was $995, Now $394.90
  2. what does the sport tote look like?
  3. for some reason I have difficulty posting the picture

    It's the beige Nylon CC logo Tote
  4. I would be careful in dealing with Esther -- my friend and I, who had been a consistent customer with her, had few horrible experiences with her and terminated our sales-customer relationship. If my friend reported her to the store manager, she could be fired on the spot. Guess she was nice enough, but if it was me, for someone to play around with my credit card information -- I would've been furious. Plus she calls to ask for 'favors' to boost her sale for the month then she'll return it later. Which really isn't that bad to help someone out with the comission , but after you do her the 'favor' she won't return the item automatically until you call her ...and then instead of returning it for you, she keep trying to upsell you. Its like I only 'purchased' it to help you, hence I terminated my sales relationship with her too.
  5. doesn't she lose her commission when you return the bag anyway? and can't you return the bag somewhere else instead of with her?

    i almost bought a bag from Esther. she wasn't very friendly on the phone...
  6. I don't know esther but Peggy from Seattle is pretty popular on the forum and is really quite pleasant.
  7. julie from portland is great!
  8. mechiu, sorry re Esther will she charge things to your account without telling you? because I was thinking of using her.
  9. Ack! Thanks for the Intel - I've had a few issues with another SA there too who tried to sell me a bag that was returned by another pfer knowing that it came without an authenticity card.
  10. How can i buy this bag???
  11. ^^^ Call a saleperson you know, or call Peggy in Downtown Seattle, Lisa or Julie in Portland, or Esther, and tell them you are interested in a certain bag. They can help you with the transaction and then have it sent to a store close to you.
  12. anybody have update on this???? like whats still available and stuff?
  13. I've never buy the handbag like this, is this credible???
  14. ^ Nordstrom's is a respected retailer in the US so buying directly from them is reputable. Are you not in the US?
  15. Does anyone happen to know if the Melrose Cabas is still available (or not)? I would give my right arm for that bag at that price but the store's now closed so I'll have to wait until tomorrow to call!