CHANEL Sale at Nordstrom Mall of America

  1. The following items will be marked down June 6th at Nordstrom Mall of America. Prices will be available by request and pre-orders are accepted.
    70's Hobo.JPG 70's Hobo Black.JPG Baby Animals Flap.JPG Baby Animals Diaper Bag.JPG Cruise Train Tote.JPG
  2. More photos of handbags that will be marked down.
    Mad Small Tote.JPG Mad Small Tote2.JPG Small Tote Beige.JPG Souple Tote.JPG Souple Tote 2.JPG
  3. what is that second bag called?
  4. In addition, there will also be some scarves and baseball hats.
  5. The first two are from the 70's collection.
  6. Will there be any jewely that is marked down? Or possibly the CHANEL rain boots?
  7. Jill, you can scroll your mouse over the photo to see the photo's title (the bag's name, in this case).
  8. what about perforated collection, anything on sale?
  9. lol. chanel makes baseball hats?
  10. ChanelBoy, thanks for letting us know! I was really hoping some diamond stitch totes would be on sale too.
  11. Thanks for the update!!
  12. no, nothing from the perfo line.
  13. hi, how much will be the cruise tote (1st row last photo)
    and the baby animals flap??
  14. thanks for sharing!
  15. The Cruise tote has already been pre-sold and the Baby Animals flap will be $1049.