Chanel Sale at NM!!! PICS PICS PICS!!!!!

  1. My fabulous SA sent me a ton of pics from the NM Sale!!! Here are the bags from Chanel on sale right now! And just check out that reporter:love: I am so in love! Anyway, here you go ladies! Enjoy!!!

    Call Lisa Hamlin at (248) 635-8442 if you have questions! Happy Shopping!:yahoo:

    1. Belt Orig. $1150.00, Now $690.00

    2. Black Outdoor Flap Orig. $1590.00, Now $1113.00

    3. Red Outdoor Flap Orig. $1590.00, Now $1113.00

    4. Pink Medallion Tote Orig. $2125.00, Now $1487.00

    5. Bird Cuff Orig. $450.00, Now $301.00

    DSC02903.JPG DSC02933.JPG DSC02934.JPG DSC02938.JPG DSC02941.JPG
  2. 6. Small Brown Cambon Orig. $995.00, Now $696.00

    7. Dark Grey 8 Knots Small Tote Orig. $2395.00, Now $1676.00

    8. Black Suede with Sherling Inside Orig. $2225.00, Now $1557.00

    9. Brown Outdoor Hobo Orig. $1595.00, Now $1116.00

    10. Bird Earrings Orig. $250.00, Now $167.00
    DSC02959.JPG DSC02964.JPG DSC02966.JPG DSC02967.JPG DSC02968.JPG
  3. Thanks for posting, lovely....:smile:
  4. And my all time favorite........

    Brown Reporter Originally $3325 and now it is $2327.
    DSC02970.JPG DSC02972.JPG
  5. My pleasure! Enjoy ladies!!!
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  7. wow nice stuff for sale! thanks for posting!
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  9. thanks so much for posting! i'm goingto call my local Chanel and see if they have those bird earrings. they're beautiful!!
  10. Thank you jag for posting these pics! Your helpfulness is always appreciated!
  11. Thanks for posting the pictures. So tempting.
  12. What great sale items, thanks for posting!
  13. Thanks so much for posting! Going to try to get down to my NM tomorrow and see what they have....
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    great deals!
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