Chanel sale at Hirshleifer's!!

  1. I just stopped by Hirshleifer's in Long Island, NY today and they have Cambon bags on sale! I saw one black on black reporter bag, plenty of pink/black bags, white with black logos bags, and white with python bags. There were at least 3-4 reporter bags in different color combinations on sale! They are closed right now but call them first thing tomorrow- 516-627-3566. The bags are all 40% off!!
  2. Thanks Shopaholic! Did you by any chance happen to see a beige/black cambon large tote?
  3. or a black on black large tote?
  4. oh man, I really want a black/patent black bowler or large tote.
  5. I did happened to see several pink/black small totes and maybe 1 or 2 beige/black small totes, but nothing big. There was a bunch of smaller bags like camera bags, small totes, pochettes, and the bag that is somewhat bigger than the pochettes but has a small front pocket with CC closures. The biggest bags that I saw are the reporters and some other hot pink plastic totes and fabric printed bags. Call them up and ask them. The accessories and shoes are not on sale. :sad:
  6. Thanks Shopaholic!
  7. OMG Thank you soooo much for this report, Shopaholic668!! Now I wonder how much of a blow this wil be to my wallet, black/black Cambon reporter on sale?!....been waiting so long for this. May I ask how many % off is this sale?

    Also (sorry this is not Chanel-related but I can't help but ask....) do you recall seeing any Louboutin shoes on sale at Hirshleifers? I know they carry some styles I've been dying to have....I just wish they could put some of those on sale!
  8. So no medium totes at all?
  9. I saw some Louboutin shoes on sale at the window display but I didn't get the chance to go into the shoe area. I was too busy in the Chanel section. :P The bags are 40% off according to the sales associate. If you have the chance to stop by, it's on the entire wall right off the Valentino entrance.
  10. Neimans in Plano, TX had a few 2 days ago.
  11. They always have a nice selection of bags at Hirshleifer's. I have Americana Manhasset! Thanks for the info!
  12. Same here :yes: i would love to get my hands on a Chanel black bowler bag... You girls are so lucky with all these Chanel 30%-40% off sales :P
  13. Does anyone know Hirshleifer's return policy, especially for sale stuff. Is it final sale?
  14. Does anyone know when they open tomorrow?!
  15. joeyjimmy- I think the store has no return policy, final sale for sale items and exchange for regular price items within 7 or 14 days.

    doublec31- The store should open at 10am. Hope you find something!
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