Chanel Sale Addiction Part Deux

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  1. More pics of the Camellia...which is Grey IRL.

  2. Finally, I found an exotic Chanel for everyday practical use. It is not delicate paper thin. This is much more durable watersnake

    My SA texted this to me last January, I told him I will wait for the sale. And yeah, this beautiful snake waited for me.

    The scales glisten, depending on the light.

  3. Wow ! What a collection !
  4. Omg I wanted to land my hand on the light pink spikes but failed!

    Love ur shoes and bags! The boy def a steal and the gray bag tooo. All amazing
  5. Your sale finds are AMAZING..both season my eyes you are Sale Queen! You have incredible taste!!
  6. I remember all your goodies from last Winter sale it's good to see you back and still going full throttle lol. Always love your bags, Congrats on the sale finds. I think you should win TPF's best Chanel sale shopper, no joke you always get the best stuff.
  7. redvelvetloubie, these are all amazing! I'm loving absolutely everything! Congrats on your lovely sale finds!

    ps. If you still have it, would you mind sharing the code for the grey camellia bag?
  8. Fabulous sale finds again! Congrats and enjoy! :love:
  9. Your winter sales finds are amazing!! I can't believe you found a small boy on sale!!! Love those reissue totes too. Your SA who is moving - Reece by any chance? I purchased something from him last week, he was super sweet :smile:
  10. :faint:


  11. Hi redvelvetloubie, might I inquire what that white pearlized quilted background is? If it is furniture please provide details! I would love a piece like that.
  12. Wow!!! Amazing haul of sale goods! :smile:
  13. I was waiting for your reveal and you impressed like last time. That grey Camilla flap is the most beautiful bag that I ever seen. From the boots to the flats plus the water snake flap. All wonderful buys. Congrats!!
  14. Again, another Desitin disaster in one area!

    My kids are very creative in creating disaster zones around the house!
  15. Here it is...hope you'll find one!