Chanel Sale Addiction Part Deux

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  1. Prologue

    My crazy frenzy winter 2012 Chanel sale finds! All 13 of them.


    Including this lovely chic boy

    And the Taj Mahal Phyton which I haven't used yet.

  2. Wow! You are so lucky! Love everything :smile:

    Which one is your favorite so far?
  3. Why am I crazy enough to buy seasonal sales? Plenty of reasons....

    The most important reason is I am a mother of 2, both are less than 5 years old.

    My Black GST and Red Caviar Jumbo has Desitin all over it.

    But I haven't cleaned it with anything or baby wipes. Those Desitin marks add charm and personality to my Classic. It tells a story. I do not plan on selling all of my stuff, especially my Chanels. My daughter, one day, will inherit the bag and I will tell her...yeah did that.
  4. Thank you! xo

    My most favorite is the Taj Mahal. second is the Boy.

    The least favorite is the Take Away Flap. When you carry it on your shoulder, both edges fold. Like a butterfly effect. It's better to hold it.

    I used everything daily. Except for the silver N/S reissue tote.
  5. Every sale season, I usually have a wish list and a goal. This spring/summer sale season, I plan to get lighter shades of Chanel as everyday practical bag. The “grab and go” type purses since my everyday entails running errands in a city surrounded by corn fields. My reality, I am one of those few people who carry and wear Chanel in Iowa, a typical Midwest laid back town with no high end or designer shopping in 300 miles radius. My everyday lifestyle is not as fabulous as some of you ladies working and all, or living in a fab city.

    In the middle of the sale hunting and writing papers, BG somehow ruined the experienced of the “thrill” of sale hunting. First, the SA sent me texts of this and that prior to presale. Of course, yes! The next day, busy running being a soccer mom, and scared running/driving away from the end of tornado with my son in tow, couldn’t respond to the BGs text. The moment I was able, multiple texts sent, no response. Until late at night, I got a text, “Sorry my dear, all gone.” Seriously?

    Then I got an email from BG, the list. So many eye candies! Wrong timing again, running around as soccer mom. I finally was able to email my wishlist at 4 PM. I never talked or heard from anybody, except “we added your items under your name.” So I am relieved that my CC was charged $$$.

    Since all my Loubie candies have been arriving left and right at my door, I didn’t even realized that it’s been over two weeks that I still didn’t see anything from BG. My concerned friend told me, it’s really odd since her friend got her goodies from BG. So I followed up by emailing BG asking for the tracking number without any response and calling the store with nobody’s picking up. Finally, got to talk to customer service telling me that there is no order under my name. Really? Because, there is $$$$$ charge in my CC for more than 2 weeks. Now that I shared my story, I'm over it! :shucks:
  6. Wow! Your collection just on the sale alone from Fall is breathtaking! I do love how you display your bags instead of storing in boxes.

    Now I know what you mean with the desitin accidents! Lol!

    Thank you for sharing your collection! I'd love to see more!!! :biggrin:
  7. I love all your lovely bags, the boy is my favorite
  8. Thank G for endless term papers, BG's undesirable customer service, and my incessant need to satisfy my Christian Louboutin spikes obsession...... ImageUploadedByPurseForum1372867526.126685.jpg

    ...which limited my budget. And seeing that I missed out on some of the Classics that I really want since I haven't log in to TPF for months...My priority is to hunt down those Classic pieces...

    Therefore, my spring sale hunting is not so crazy this time....

    The fun begins with boxes arriving at the door....


    And now presenting...My Not-so-crazy spring sale finds...
  9. Since I have more than 50 pairs of Christian Louboutins, I buy Chanel shoes for comfort.

    Ballet shoes from Saks. Love the fresh spring colors...ready for summer use...

  10. The most practical shoes that I ever bought. Excited for winter!

    From Barneys

  11. Wow! What amazing finds!

  12. Very nice collection!! Your finds are amazing!!
  13. Love your collection and your story. Please keep us posted with your finds!!!
  14. I've been waiting for your part two show case since last year winter sale. :yahoo::woohoo:
    Loving and admiring every single piece you've acquired, esp the Boy & Boots.
    Thanks for sharing.
  15. The Camellia bag. I used my $1700 Saks gift card. I paid $1030 for it.

    Lambskin inside and out. Love the details of the small beads.


    Bittersweet opening this one. My SA is moving to another country.