Chanel Sale 2018 (winter)

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  1. Can you send me your SA please? Is this at Neiman's? You scored lots of lovely items :smile: so happy for you!
  2. I believe those are cruise and won’t be making sale. They just came out last month.
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  3. Ahh. Okay. They are cruise. So I guess not going on sale. Thank you
  4. My Nordstrom SA has these items. Serious buyers only.
    6C35B93A-0D6E-4E60-8EC4-254129CFA137.jpeg B5D293E6-9896-4808-94DB-49161A3BF38C.jpeg 99EC5801-7464-44EF-9477-0668F4345FC1.jpeg 70B6F35A-C73C-4CFC-9370-D23D4F34301F.jpeg E6EBFBB4-CA6B-4BEB-A47C-7B95425571B4.jpeg 8DFEA261-B560-4CD7-AAE6-B5C2EBFDB6E9.jpeg
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  5. Same SA. Serious buyers only!
    C3822117-6BBF-47C5-B7D2-CFFEBF241047.jpeg 19078CFB-E4C3-4CEA-999A-E0A88A265A85.jpeg DA4D8953-8088-4FBC-ACF1-B15B76A673B1.jpeg 4D24772B-47A7-48E8-B479-49D04B9391D6.jpeg BF1C5A85-F4A8-4D4D-B962-4E149BAD8F57.jpeg
  6. could you share your SA?
  7. Is the sale happening now or just pre sale?
  8. Saks SA said it was a pre sale right now, not sure about other stores
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  9. NMwas presale and just shoes, not jewelry
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  10. PM’d you for SA’s info. Hopefully I can score a pair of slides
  11. Pre sale in Saks
    561.479.8865 Lorraine Buetti is my SA
    Shoes 30% off and ready to wear 40 %
    Please serious inquiries only and direct any questions to her
  12. I wrote you back! Fingers crossed for you!
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  13. Pm me please!
  14. From lorraine at Saks Boca see above post
  15. H
    csn you share SA?