Chanel Sale 2018 (winter)

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  1. Thank you for this! I scored the blue, pink, and dark pink flats.
  2. If anyone sees the boots let me know. They did not go at Neimans. Prob won’t go. [​IMG]
  3. Yay congrats!!!
  4. My scores from sale!
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  5. I saw these but not in leather and in blue. I think they were a 39? Not 100% sure.
  6. Which store had those flats?
  7. I got the turn lock sandals at NM. I had a really nice SA if anyone wants a reco. Jewelry not on presale until Monday (weird??).
  8. Nm Roosevelt field
  9. Do you by any chance have an SA there? Would love their contact info
  10. Do not have SA, Neiman Bev. Hills 20181214_103841.jpg 20181214_103835.jpg 20181214_103829.jpg
  11. Do you have any SA info to share? Thank you!
  12. Black sale shoes at NM Westchester
    B6F6D14B-1B81-4AE8-B8C1-F5685B548F66.jpeg EF104489-4F9E-49E5-9254-66F7434D1652.jpeg
  13. Just put my jewelry/accessories on hold...
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  14. Did they have any stamp looking brooches on sale??
  15. No stamps