Chanel Sale 2018 (winter)

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  1. Here are pictures of Chanel sale shoes my SA sent me. They are 30% off. If you are interested (serious buyers only), please DM me for my SA’s contact information to purchase.


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  2. Thanks for sharing! I called and they’re giving me the run around about “they won’t know until tomorrow what’s on sale” so annoying!!
    Do you know which brooches will be on sale?
  3. Can I ask which Chanel this is? Bloomies or Saks? Might stop by tomorrow morning and try those Gabrielle boots on for size.
  4. Unfortunately, I do not know which brooches are for sale as of right now, my SA just sent me pictures of the shoes.

    Neither - these are from Jeffrey.
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  5. What happened to the usual 40% off on shoes? Only 30% now?
  6. Does anyone know when the sale starts in the uk?
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  7. Again, does anyone have a reliable SA at Bloomie's? I'm out of town and can't get a 59th street right now; everything will be gone by the time I get back!
  8. I am calling today to get the list! If they are helpful I will forward you their info.
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  9. They were honestly so rude to me. My sales girl is going to be in later today so I will keep you posted
  10. Nm Roosevelt field.most of it is gone. It was a frenzy.
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  11. How manny percent off is the sale for NM?
  12. 25-30.
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  13. Does anyone have a good SA at Barneys?
  14. If anyone sees these on sale please let me know!!!
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