Chanel & SAKS ECG...

  1. If you ladies wait until Monday to order your bags... Saks is having an EGC Event.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. Is this the same event that they had 2 weeks ago, when you get $300 if you spend $2000-$3000? Thanks so much!
  3. yes it is!!! I got $450 last time and bought a pair of shoes!!!
  4. Awesome! Thanks!
  5. Just got the postcard. 8/17 is the day.
  6. LOL - when I read your title, it said "ECG" and I'm in the medical field, and was thinking, why would Saks be giving out electrocardiogram heart tracings??? LOL!!
  7. hm... i wonder why they dont email like last time.
  8. It isn't until Next Thursday... I'm sure you'll get an e-mail then.
    Anyone w/ a Saks card will find out for pre-sale on Monday.... my SA is just really nice, so she is doing me a favor. I bought two bags from her this week - she is waiting for pre-sale on one... the other I had to get sent b/c the BH Saks wouldn't hold it until next week!!