Chanel SA at Saks in San Antonio

  1. I hope that one of you ladies can help me out.
    I bought a bag on sunday over the phone with Brandi the Chanel SA and everything was fine, she has my cc infos but now comes the problem: we agreed that I'll send her the shipping info via email so she gave me her email addy and since then I wrote 3 emails and still no answer so it might be that I have the wrong email address. :confused1: I tried to call Saks but they just don't answer their phone so if someone has her email address could you please pm me so that I can compare it to my info? Please!!I'm desperate as I don't want to risk the bag.:sad:
  2. oh my! Brandi is a sweet doll! Have you try to call and ask for her directly? Mind you, we do have a weather hazzard today at SA, TX, schools and many work places are shut down, b/c pp here arent' used to drive on icey road. i'd call tomorrow?
  3. Thanks classic, yeap I tried for 2 hours but if you had such a weather problem I'll try today.
    She's lovely isn't she and she really knows what she's talking about.
  4. my university will be open tomorrow at noon, so perhaps you might want to call around in the after noon?
  5. I'll do that even if it means that I have stay up that late again because of the time difference :smile:
    But I'll do anything to prevent the sale of my dream bag to fail.
    I'm just so paranoid that something didn't work out because she didn't come back to me.