Chanel s5018 sunglasses

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  1. I thought it would be nice for all of us out there who didn't manage to get our hands on these beauties to see the people who were lucky enough to wearing theirs

  2. ^ Please do a search first, I'm positive you'll find threads and pictures of the 5018 sunnies :yes:
  3. Is they come out with a 2008 version of these sunglasses?
  4. Check out the 5120. I posted mine in the reference library. Not exactly the same but a similar look. I really like mine and the price isn't as steep as the 5018.
  5. [​IMG]

    here is a bad picture of me!!! but you get the point!
  6. No thanks....I don't like them
  7. I think they are really cool
  8. i think so too! oh well to each their own
  9. I wasn't able to get my 5018 sunglasses and not willin to pay too high price on ebay. Recently i got my 5120 sunglasses looks very similar to 5018 and even nicer. I can't wait mine to arrive......hopefully it look as nice as the pics...LOLL
  10. I couldn't pull those off. This is the first time I saw them
  11. the 5120's are nice but i dont think they suited me but maybe the brown ones would be better on me.. i tried them on a while ago!
  12. They are not my style, but I could swear I saw these at Saks BH yesterday!!! (and 25% off) I didn't pay too much attention to that pair but they looked just like the ones in the pic above.:shrugs:
  13. ooh people are gonna be calling up like mad now! haha
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