Chanel S/S '08 *pics*

  1. the show was only a few hours ago, but the first pics are pouring in!
    i'm in love with this bag:
    chanel ss08.jpg
  2. Hi do you have any more pictures?!!
  3. 2 more:
    chanel ss1.jpg chanelss2.jpg
  4. And yeah that bag is pretty cool!
  5. oooh! i love the 1st bag, it's so cute!

    omg is that red ankle wristlet pouch's design taken from lindsay and all those HOLLYWOOD convicts! lol!
  6. another one:
  7. Thanks for posting.
  8. no prob!
    chanel ss4.jpg
  9. LOL, another sequin bag! swoons. i'm just in love with that fun looking cute bag you posted first. so cute! i need more info on that! yippeeee.

    this spring/summer is gonna be so fun! i can't wait to see more accessories, cause i see COLORRRRSSSS...... yummy!

    thanks JJ! you've been so helpful!
  10. :flowers:
  11. LOL. a ball? errrr, cute but what can we put in it?
  12. [​IMG]
  13. [​IMG]

  14. I LOVE THE BANGLE!! swoons* :drool:

  15. [​IMG]

    ooh! look at them accessories, so cute and fun :p