Chanel s/s 07

  1. From Chanel 2007 Spring/Summer Runway, lots of white & clutches!!!!
    07Sbag.jpg 07Sbag2.jpg 07Sbag3.jpg 07Sbag4.jpg 07Sbag5.jpg
  2. mores....
    07Sbag6.jpg 07Sbag7.jpg 07Sbag8.jpg 07Sbag9.jpg 07Sbag10.jpg
  3. and more . . .
    07Sbag11.jpg 07Sbag12.jpg 07Sbag13.jpg 07Sbag14.jpg 07Sbag15.jpg
  4. some more . . .
    07Sbag16.jpg 07Sbag17.jpg 07Sbag18.jpg 07Sbag19.jpg 07Sbag20.jpg
  5. Thank you so much for posting this! I love to see what is coming up for the next season!
  6. and lastly . . .

    I can see the reissues have somekind of motifs in front of bag. Interesting! I really like the small clutches for the evening occasions.
    07Sbag21.jpg 07Sbag22.jpg 07Sbag23.jpg 07Sbag24.jpg
  7. Oh my gosh, this is a great collection!!! I have my eyes on a couple pieces already!

    Thanks for posting the pics
  8. gosh i love that white clutch on ur second would be great for party
  9. Seriously digging this bag.:love:


  10. Did you see the black one too? THis is definitely on my list.


  11. the show was today. I liked it a lot!

  12. good i love the bangle bracelets !!!!!and the second picture with the white purse.. i love the wrist action going on..
  13. Thanks for the great pics!! Love the first and second bags.
  14. Love the black and the gold bags. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Whoa that clutch with the two circles is so futuristic. :wtf: