chanel rule: match wallet to bag?

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  1. i believe that it doesn't matter when it comes to matching your bag with a matching wallet. Ladies what do you think?
  2. nah!

    But I deliberately chose black so it would match everything! :biggrin:
  3. I have too many bags to match my wallet with!
  4. I am too lazy to switch wallets every time I switch bags so I use one black wallet till I get tired of it then buy another black wallet. :P
  5. I love to match the wallet with bag sometimes. That's why I have too many wallet :P
  6. I have a great black Prada wallet that's almost like a small clutch. Love it. Chanel wallets are pretty but I don't feel I have to match purse and wallet.
  7. I think color is more important to match or coordinate than to match brands. Too many great wallets out there for that!
  8. nah. all wallets don't fit comfortably in all bags ...
  9. i agree. when it comes to wallet, a great color that goes with most bags a girl owns should do it.
  10. nope! My wallets are always a bit funkier than my bags because they're never really seen. Right now I use a green kate spade wallet for my black chanels.
  11. It looks nicer to have a mismatching wallet/bag more variety :biggrin:
  12. I don't really match my handbag with my wallet. I will lost and forget a lot of stuffs inside my wallet if I did this. I stick with one wallet at a time, not until it fades or got wrecked already. Don't really care much about my wallet, i do care about my handbags more! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  13. nayyyyy...... i'm not that anal. i mixed up things.
  14. never intentionally matched wallets with bags ever and doubt i'll ever start! :lol: its just too much of a hassle for me IMO.
  15. I don't match either. I have a LV framboise zippy wallet and it has matched most of my Chanels quite well.:smile: