Chanel RTW score from the Saks sale...

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  1. My girlfriend (in the picture) FLIPPED when I brought this baby home for her. She is in LOVE with it. And I don't blame her.

    I'm so happy that it fits her this well.

  2. I would be so happy too,, great find and that is so nice of you., Congratulations.....
  3. Wow- what a great friend you are. I love it!!! I am so jealous
  4. She is very pretty.
  5. She just look SO stunning! Lovely pick! :smile:
  6. girlfriend = romantic partner in this case... I'm a boy : )
  7. she's blushing from all of the lovely comments : )

    Thanks ladies! You got me lots of brownie points.
  8. Love it, great score.
  9. Good buy!! I love it too!! She is so cute in it!;)
  10. That's so sweet of you! She looks great in it, great buy :tup:
  11. awww ur so sweet !! she looks great in it! and she is glowing wearing it! haha
  12. That's so sweet of you! It looks great on her!
  13. Congratulations to your GF!
  14. Do you mind if we ask the price?
    Bloomies has additional 50% off a few pieces of chanel RTW - two days ago there was a pretty good rack. items were almost 90% off!
  15. What a sweet boyfriend you are!