Chanel RTW Sale Info

  1. hi ladies, i have received a lot of PMs about chanel rtw during sale season. i know it's particularly challenging for many of you who do not have a boutique near you or have limited selection in your location. though i feel like i've hit one boutique too many (lol) i still can't keep track of where all i saw certain things, but this is the intel i have thus far from SAs--and i thought this might be the easiest way to help you all:

    NM: whatever that was 40% off before xmas now gets an addl 25% off. there may be an extra 25% during last call in late one will give me any dates, hmph!

    Saks: whatever that was 40% off before xmas now gets an addl 40 off (it was 50 off from 8-noon on 12/26)--not sure how long this will last.

    Nordie: already 60% off. there might be an add'l 15% off during their "finale" event.

    Chanel boutiques: i think still only 30 or 40%off orig price. no real intel on when they will have next markdown.

    BG: when i called before xmas it was only 40% off. if they are like NM then there might be an extra 25% off on top. The SA said there was not much left in small sizes (she said "only ugly stuff no one wants" lol!!) but who knows what's been returned after xmas...

    If you would like contact info from a super SA who has email, pls PM me.

    If you have more recent info than what i have here, please update it--i sure would love to know as well :yes:.

  2. I'm searching for Ivory Tweed boxy jacket with chain trim so did some calling today. BG is having 60% off on RTW.
    Saks still doing 40% off & 40% off.
  3. Hirshleifers is now 60% off and they still have a pretty large selection including small (34-36) sizes. I got a few pieces yesterday :yahoo:.
  4. ooh what did you get!!
  5. I got two jackets, (1) a brown wool jacket with the cross buttons and belt and (2) a navy plaid longer jacket, and a skirt. I couldn't find pictures of them on the Chanel site. I'm having them sent to my brother's in NJ to save on tax. When I have them in hand I'll post pictures. ldldb you are my inspiration for getting the RTW!!!!
  6. ^you totally scored!! i've been looking for that same brown wool jacket you got. i'll have to give Hirsch a call--i tried on the black version at nordie but 38 was way too big!
  7. ^ definitely give them a call. They had one really nice black wool skirt that was a size 34. I thought of you as it was too small for me to zip up :p. They have that same wool jacket in black as a coat in 36.
  8. i called too late :sad:

    no more jackets in 34. i'll just have to keep looking for your brown wool jacket :yes:!
  9. Brown jacket sounds familair....was it a full length sleeve? I can try looking at the midwest stores. They all have 34's.:yes:

  10. :heart:yes yes, full length long sleeve with buttoned cuff. skinny belt and like 4 buttons down the front. 4 seams in the back. please please let me know if u find it in black or brown in 34!!tia!!!
  11. wow if u got 34-36 now you are so lucky! its so hard to find during sales :smile:
  12. ^ya it's pretty hard to find small sizes anymore. i luckily found this one in a 34 so am returning the 36 this week. if anyone's been looking for it, pls pm me for the SA's info!

  13. Hi, I don't know how to PM you...because I am new here...I am looking for a chanel jacket for my gf!! It is her 21th this I am looking for a few items to make her a perfect 21th bday!! I am wondering if you can provide me information of this jacket? I will purchase it for my gf's persent please!! Thank you!!

  14. hi everyone, i am slowly receiving a few more sale items. these are not working out for me and will be going back to Saks by end of week (both size 34). pls pm me with your info if you'd like my SA to contact you for them...

    black leather 3/4 sleeve jacket with red/black tweed trims (this is very small):

    black/beige/white checkered coat/sweater dress with patent belt and resin buckle:
  15. hi, i'm sorry i didn't see your post till now. it is already on hold for someone at tpf. to PM someone, you can left click on their name and you should see some functions allowing you to email or PM the forum member.