Chanel RTW ~ Reveals, Chit-chat & Info thread

Jan 18, 2008
The jacket that went with my top and skirt is finally here! Re-sharing the first photo so show the inside. The jacket is stunning and super light! I believe there’s a simpler of this jacket that’s a few thousands cheaper. Not sure if the embellishments is really worth the $ but it’s my personal fav from SS21. Also feel like I barely just got all my reserves from SS, and I received the invitation letter today for Cruise already....
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You look amazing
I bought the jacket (?) that was a couple.of thousand cheaper. :biggrin:


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Aug 31, 2008
This is quite an oldie but a goodie- does anybody have this beautiful jacket from the Salzburg collection? I have admired it since I watched this runway show ~6 years ago. Curious if it’s true to size / if the closures are too fussy. I see one on the real real and very tempted to buy!
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This is stunning! I hope you get it! :biggrin:
@kazenokazuki, I love your outfit, but I also love the sleeveless look too!
@bags to die for, I’d love to see the jacket and how you style it if you have a pic?
i s9metimes struggle with how to style textured items. do you match, go slim, wear leggings. . . And am seeing bunches of articles that leggings and skinny jeans date the wearer :sad:
I will say, this season I’ve started buying Dior RTW which is much easier on rhe wallet. . .
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Sep 12, 2020
Starting off cruise collection feedback: I really enjoyed it! I think it had a good mix of fresh styles/patterns and classic jackets. Virginie did the “something for every customer” approach well in my opinion.

oh and the white boots! going on my wishlist for sure!
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Jun 10, 2019
Checked out the cruise show and the still images on the Vogue app. I thought this collection is much more wearable compare to the previous Cruise collection (I’m also a black and white girl), but came away feeling a little bit underwhelmed. However, did see a couple of pieces that I’ll likely reserve. That white jacket will probably cost an arm and a leg :loveeyes:

Also has anyone seen a closeup of the bag as part of the last picture?
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Oct 6, 2006
It read a little saint Laurent to me for some looks. I’m definitely not a fishnet stocking kind of girl. The pink suit is lovely. I could see them doing more colors in that style. I liked the lion tank. I also liked the two dresses but the black one is sooo short and the white one is probably a mint ! :smile: