Chanel RTW ~ Reveals, Chit-chat & Info thread

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  1. Its Chanel Ready-To-Wear (RTW) time! :tender:
    I :heart: Chanel RTW but only have very limited pieces. Its rather difficult for me to snag 1 because, unlike bags, its not 1 size fits all & I don't have a Chanel boutique near me to pop in trying out different styles and sizes. Moreover, the price point is enough to put one off :Push: and by the time sales come around, the good styles/colors/sizes are long gone.....:shrugs:

    I have been living vicariously through other TPFers who are also RTW experts. Thanks to their wealth of knowlege :urock: , I managed to score another 1 recently & are over the moon!

    So RTW experts/owners, pls come in & share your goodies and intel. RTW newbies, like me, would be so grateful :hugs:
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  2. I have become a Chanel lover over the past year. Below are some of my goodies to share. My collection thus far comes from a lovely consignment store here in Sacramento and a lovely Chanel blazer is to come very soon!!

    Orange Tweed Chanel Skirt


    I adore this coat!! :smile:



    A cute top for spring/summer :smile:

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  3. Cute wedges and booties just for fun! :smile: Are shoes considered RTW? Still learning :smile:



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  4. I have a few more pieces, but not fabulous pictures of them. Who's next to share? Larkie? Burberryprncess? Show it ladies! :smile:
  5. Tks for postings, mspera! Nice coat ;)
    RTW should be just clothing.
    I just received my latest acquisition, will post pics soon :biggrin:
  6. great pics mspera.
  7. Wow, love the coat!
  8. 10 S/S Tweed Cropped Sleeve Jacket

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  9. Beautiful Tweed, djrr! Chanel has taken the sleeves shorter this season, how did u like it?
    How about indulging us with some modeling shots?
  10. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the same short sleeved beige jacket. According to the SAs, they are getting difficult to find. If time permits today, I'll take a photo of the navy/grey jersey jacket that arrived yesterday.

    Happy Easter, Happy Spring everyone!!
  11. Just received my 09A Turnlock Buttons Black Cashmere Cardigan to last me a lifetime :biggrin:

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  12. Lovely to see this, thanks so much for posting!
  13. There were frequent discussions on the forum that the similar 3 Turnlock Buttons Style Cardi that was famously spotted on Penelope Cruz runs big. I was getting anxious and worried that mine would be too big for me. To my relief & great joy, I love the fit! :yahoo:
    What do you think?

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  14. ^Oh kewave! You look fabulous! I love this cardigan on you! I have the 3 button one in black and pink and it does run big. However, this style/size looks perfect on you. So happy that you were able to acquire one as I love mine very much.

    mspera, love all of your pieces too! You look lovely.

    jmen and djrr, congrats on your purchases! Can't wait to see your pics too!
  15. Kewave... GORGEOUS! You wear it all so well~~~ I have the reissue in aged s/h in 226... I love yours with the g/h! Uh oh! lol
    I wish I could own a cardi like yours... too expensive for me though~~

    djrr... your top is luxurious! No mod pics? Pretty please~~~~

    mspera... you also look beautiful!