Chanel RTW and Misc Jewelry on 2nd Cut Sale


May 1, 2006
Here are some not so great pictures taken with my phone of some of items left and on 2nd cut, three RTW items and miscellaneous Jewelry.
The white blouse is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BLOUSE, the french cuff detail is amazing, they are not blue but black stones, Size on the Blouse is a 38 and is the only one left in the Company, TDF! The other RTW items are a loosely knit sweater and a black sleeveless top.

Jewelry and Flower pins which I took quick pics of, sorry they are a little messy but had no time for more pics. If there is anything you have been looking for and ready to purchase, pm me.



May 22, 2007
I want to buy some of this jewelry because I have the earrings that match a necklace and bracelet in your photos, but since I'm new to TPF, I can't PM you yet. So sad... :sad:
i think you need 10 posts--so start adding to threads--you'll have it in no time! :P