Chanel Round Clutch with Chain

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  1. Hi Ladies! Anyone has this round clutch?? I find it too cute, great as a summer sling bag and its not as expensive as the mini flap. I asked a friend to buy for me as she is in Europe in tiffany blue shade. 609A515A-6C03-473F-A2FB-CDCE82689970.jpg
  2. Love these and this colour is stunning! Thinking of adding one to my collection even though I don't think they fit a phone but I think price point is pretty good. Have a look at Flavia Stuttgen on Instagram - she has a few of these and styles them so well!
  3. Such a pretty color! :smile:
  4. Cute lil bag. It would have to fit my Samsumg 8+ phone. I can't wait to see them in store.
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  5. Yeah! She got that nice pink round clutch. Very beautiful. Cant wait to get mine!!
  6. It will not fit any phone (unless its a flip one) but its my ‘ fun ‘ bag and fits my 1D8CD29D-6E38-4CFF-BFE3-59DBCD701767.jpeg ‘necessities’
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  7. CB91146B-4058-4660-B834-AF920DC57EFF.jpeg
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  8. So so so cute! I am getting mine next week. It fits a ton just not a phone as you say.
  9. where did you find yours??? I love the fuzzy ones that came out but have no idea where to find :sad:
  10. can i ask where you found yours?
  11. can I ask where you found yours? so cute
  12. My friend got it in Milan yesterday. Tiffany Blue. Here are the other colors she saw

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  13. Fashionphile...
  14. I’ve always wanted to get one in black but what can I fit in there given its shape? It’s a cute accessory to fit airpods or earphones, tiny card case and keys, but I want my bags functional and able to fit my wallet, 2 phones and a small vanity kit. It’s not even a practical night out bag.
  15. Oh wow, I didn't know they had so many colours!!! I'm considering getting the black caviar with ghw but idk if they still have that this season.