Chanel Round Bowling vs Chanel Logo Bowling

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  1. Hi, need your help. Can't decide btw these 2 bags

    Chanel Blk Bowler from Round Bowling Collection
    Smaller of the 2 - 10.5 W” x 5.5 H”x 5.5 D


    Chanel Logo Bowling
    More of a classic - 10" W, 7" H, 7" D


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  2. I like the Logo bowling. But you should get the one you love the most.:tup:
  3. i vote for Chanel Logo bowling..really cute one.
  4. The brown one for me. How much is it?
  5. Retail is $1895 I think for the brown and $1595 for the black.
  6. The black bowler is a great, great bag. The leather is so durable. It was used in a Chanel Ad campaign:


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  7. Brown for me, it feels much more classic and has more structure.
  8. black one the ad convinced me lol, in the pic doesnt look like dat but maybe cuz it doesnt show the sides, but i never really like the style in the brown one.
  9. Brown one for me
  10. The leather on this bag is amazing. I can try to take a close up for you if you haven't seen it IRL - let me know.

  11. I vote for the Chanel Logo Bowling. Very classy!!
  12. are there any more available of the black bowling?
  13. i go for logo bowling.....
  14. Logo definitely! :yes:
  15. Agree with maxter, love the black bowler!!!!! Take this if you have a chance, I have one in the medium size, it's one of my favorite Chanel!!