Chanel Round Bowling in Black?

Sep 19, 2006
I need your help ladies. I have never purchased a Chanel before but I am absolutley in love with this bag. It is the Chanel Round Bowling in Size Medium. I believe it is somewhere around $2200. It is from the Fall 06 collection. Has anyone seen this bag around? Does anyone know if it is still available?


That is the exact size and color I am looking for in the photo. Sorry I couldnt a more close up photo, but that is why I need your expert help! I'm hoping for a push in the right direction before I call around to every Neiman Marcus or Chanel Botique in the US....because that about all I can think to do right now.

Thanks Chanel lovers :smile: !

Sep 19, 2006
i saw that bag about 3 weeks ago at the NM in newport beach (fashion island). they had it in black and light beige. it's very cute!

Really?!?! :nuts: thats the first place I was going to check anyways (I live in corona del mar), but it's been so crowded over they lately on the weekends. I was there last saturday shopping with my boyfriend but the handbag department was a zoo and I didnt have the heart to put him through it. Plus he just bought me a chloe betty for xmas, and i didnt want him to know i was drooling over a new bag already (let alone one that is over $2k!!! :P ). Still, I will call over today and see if they still have it and can hold it for me. Maybe I can sneak away from work one day this week to go check it out in person. I actually think i have been avoiding the meet and greet because the bag is so expensive and I know if i saw it up close i would not be able to resist its lure LOL.

Thanks for your help!!!


....ever ours
Feb 10, 2006
I am in love with this bag and have been trying to find it. But the Chanel boutique near me has never even heard of the Round Bowling collection from Fall :sad:

I have found sometimes that when I call to ask about a bag by name (usually with information I have gleaned right here!)....the SAs don't have a clue what I am talking about!

One time an SA insisted quite adamantly that the bag I was inquiring about didn't exist, yet it was sitting on the shelf behind her the whole time! :wtf: