Chanel Round Bowling in Black?

  1. I need your help ladies. I have never purchased a Chanel before but I am absolutley in love with this bag. It is the Chanel Round Bowling in Size Medium. I believe it is somewhere around $2200. It is from the Fall 06 collection. Has anyone seen this bag around? Does anyone know if it is still available?


    That is the exact size and color I am looking for in the photo. Sorry I couldnt a more close up photo, but that is why I need your expert help! I'm hoping for a push in the right direction before I call around to every Neiman Marcus or Chanel Botique in the US....because that about all I can think to do right now.

    Thanks Chanel lovers :smile: !

  2. can't see the photo :sad:
    Could you please use our paperclip icon to attach it?
  3. Oops sorry the photo was working when I first posted....


    does that work? :smile:
  4. i saw that bag about 3 weeks ago at the NM in newport beach (fashion island). they had it in black and light beige. it's very cute!
  5. Really?!?! :nuts: thats the first place I was going to check anyways (I live in corona del mar), but it's been so crowded over they lately on the weekends. I was there last saturday shopping with my boyfriend but the handbag department was a zoo and I didnt have the heart to put him through it. Plus he just bought me a chloe betty for xmas, and i didnt want him to know i was drooling over a new bag already (let alone one that is over $2k!!! :p ). Still, I will call over today and see if they still have it and can hold it for me. Maybe I can sneak away from work one day this week to go check it out in person. I actually think i have been avoiding the meet and greet because the bag is so expensive and I know if i saw it up close i would not be able to resist its lure LOL.

    Thanks for your help!!!
  6. I am in love with this bag and have been trying to find it. But the Chanel boutique near me has never even heard of the Round Bowling collection from Fall :sad:
  7. I saw that bag in black and white (off-white?) at Sak's in Portland, Oregon about a week ago. LOVED the bag!

  8. I have found sometimes that when I call to ask about a bag by name (usually with information I have gleaned right here!)....the SAs don't have a clue what I am talking about!

    One time an SA insisted quite adamantly that the bag I was inquiring about didn't exist, yet it was sitting on the shelf behind her the whole time! :wtf:
  9. call NM at King of Prussia in PA right now they have one. It is a stunning bag, i loved it. If it is sold, call NM at Short Hills in NJ, they had one last nite. Good luck!!
  10. If you call short hills ask for irena. she is very sweet and has worked there for a long time. very knowledgeable of Chanel products. I hope you find one. Best of luck!!!
  11. Oh, I would really like to see a close up of this bag!!!
    and is the Jacket Chanel also? :drool:

    i seriously need a new hobby ...
  12. what a cute bag!
    Another Chanel on my "to get" list.
  13. ha ha, my husband totally thinks i need a new hobby. here is a pic someone posted of the bag....
  14. sorry, i don't think that link works. here's a pic.
  15. Neiman Marcus in Palo Alto, CA has one :yes: