Chanel Rock Or Cabas Help!!!

  1. OK so after months of searching I got the vinyl cabas today!!! Will post pics soon, found her on eBay - and love ! BUT i am now really liking the new Rock, the large size, do you think I can justify having both? Does anyone need two vinyl bags?!! Are they different enough? :crybaby:

    Really need everyone's views on this as don't know what to do - i am on the lists for the rock and will prob get next week. I of course am keeping my cabas, but just don't know if need both.....

    HELP!! :wtf:
  2. I saw the Rock on madison avenue. It looks cheap. Keep the cabas. Though, I say this, but I will end up with it too.
  3. cabas, cabas, cabas. I don't think you should get two vinyl bags, simply because it's sooo expensive for vinyl! but, go with your gut feeling, since after all it is you who will be glamorously carrying the bag. Good luck with your decision!!! (you really can't go wrong with either :p)
  4. Yeah, keep the cabas. The vinyl rock looks cheap and ugly.
  5. Cabas, hands down. I'm sure the Rock will end up on the sale table.
  6. Another vote for the cabas! :smile:
  7. I love The Rock more than the Cabas!
  8. cabas for sure
  9. I will go and take a look at The Rock tomorrow!
  10. Cabas!
  11. Cabassssssssssssssssssssssss :heart:
  12. keep the cabas! u've been looking for it in such a long time, it's so worth the wait :yes:
  13. DEFINITELY the cabas!
  14. I got a rock (medium) yesterday. It feels strange - its padded vinyl. I am sending it back. Keep the cabas!
  15. cabas