Chanel Rock line

  1. I'm thinking about this bag

    It is, however, vinyl. I have the Paris Biarritz tote bag, which I understand to by vinyl and canvas and have no complaints. Does anyone have any thoughts on the above bag and that particular line? The exchange rate is quite good if I wanted to buy it but I still would like some feedback from others on it.

    Many thanks! Hapa
  2. The bag itself is cute, but I would not buy a vinyl bag.
  3. I LOVE the Rock Flap!:yes:
    I was apprehensive at first because of the vinyl, but after seeing them IRL I changed my mind. That price is insane and it's a great 'knock arounbd' bag.
  4. Thanks. I'm still on the fence and am going to wait a day or longer. It is so nice and I think it would be great for "knocking around", much like my Paris Biarritz, which I use for work. Just a bit caught up on the fact it's vinyl despite my good luck with the Paris Biarritz bag...
  5. it's a great looking bag - I have the melrose (vinyl) cabas and love it.
  6. I know what you mean Hapa . . . but look at all the people carrying around $800-$2000 canvas LV bags :yes:
  7. Thats a great looking bag and the price is just right, wow!
  8. I have that bag I bought it last summer in black with a gold chain I love it. It's so light. I live at the beach and used it everywhere. It even can be used in the evening. I think it's cute ad sexy and so easy to clean. Just use water to wash it off when needed. Every time I take it to any Chanel store the sales people go crazy they say it's the most popular bag and I am lucky to have it. So I say buy it you wont regret it!
  9. BTW, patent is huge for this coming season so that bag will look great with a pair of patent pumps, sandals, and boots. I have all three and the bag looks great. The bag can also be used in all kinds of weather it cant be ruined.
  10. I am hesitant about vinyl also. How does it hold to everyday use??
  11. Someone just bought it. Argh. Oh, well. It wasn't meant to be so.
  12. ^^^ Hapa, I've seen quite a few just like this (either black or red) in the past few weeks... and while some are listed for insane amounts, there have been others offered around the same price -so if you're persistent, I'm sure you'll find one for a deal.

    Good luck!