Chanel rock & chain vs. ultimate soft size large

  1. Hi guys, I am on the search for a black chanel bag and i've narrowed it down to these 2. I love both styles and would LOVE to have both but for now, my budget only allows one... what would you prefer? thanks!
  2. I LOVE the US but i prefer it in medium with the quilting, so in this case id prefer the Rock & Chain, i think it looks very unique[​IMG]
  3. I prefer the US and honestly, if you can only get one, I think the US offers a lot of value for your money with it's size AND it is real leather. The Rock is a fun, trendy bag but I think the US stands the test of time. If you're only getting one, I'd get the classic without question since you love them both.
  4. If I could only choose one...I would select the medium quilted ultimate soft...It can be dressed up or down...and it is a reasonable priced Chanel...Enjoy whichever bag you select...
  5. medium ultimate soft:tup:
  6. My SA tried to order me the large US in black last week. There are none to be had in the U.S. If you've seen one, buy it and obsess while it's in your hands. Our Saks Chanel only has the large US in tan (as of last week.)