Chanel Rings

  1. Has anyone seen the white or navy rings, they look like in the magazine they are resin or something like it. I really like the round white one and was considering a purchase if it comes in black. Just wondering if any of you have seen the rings IRL.
  2. can you scan a page w/ them?
    Chanel has a TON of rings, I'm not sure which one{s} you're talking about.
    If you can't scan it, can you describe it?
  3. I saw them in one of my fashion mags. I will try to find the pic again. The one in white was round with the CC logo.
  4. I have this ring...the one that matches the j12. It love I want the j12!
  5. I found the pic in my Harpers Bazzar. I will scan it to see if it is the same as yours. This one is white, round in shape, has CC in center and stones that look like baquettes (SP?):confused1: around the outside.

    Where did you get your ring that matches the J12? What is the price, if you don't mind saharing that?
  6. I know this is not a very good pic, it was small in the magazine. scan0005.jpg
  7. they are from the cruise line, you can put your name on the waitlist at one of the boutiques now. I am waiting for that navy one, but I am on the list for black and pink.
  8. That's a really cute ring. Does any one know the price of it?
  9. it says $240 on the image.

  10. Thanks! I will do that, I would like a black one also.
  11. Nevermind my ring is something else, but that one is really cute too!
  12. I'm sorry but I didn't see and still can't see a price on the image. :hrmm:
  13. I have this ring too - in black, mine is single row w/o diamonds. Which one do you have?
  14. I have the white double ring w/diamonds....
  15. Beautiful! I tried it on at Chanel and talked myself out of it. What I really want is the black Camelia ring that retails for about $2,300.